Monday, December 19, 2011

Fix Error-1310 Windows 7

A lot of users complained regarding error 1310 on Windows 7 PCs. Some of them received the error while installing Microsoft Office or Adobe products, while some received it while repairing programs like QuickBooks or iTunes.

You can fix this issue using this help-guide:

What are the reasons behind this error?

1. Some of the background programs preventing the installation

2. Failure to retrieve information from the registry

3. Unacceptable recent system changes

4. Lack of Security Permissions to the Installation Directory

Some of the Background Programs Preventing the Installation

The first thing which can cause error 1310 is that programs running in the background may be preventing the installation procedure. Here is what you need to do now:

1. Click Start button on your Taskbar.

2. Type MsConfig in the Search box, and press ENTER.

3. Under General tab, deselect the following items:

a. Load system services

b. Load startup items

4. Click Apply | OK.

5. Restart your computer.

Failure to Retrieve Information from the Registry

The error 1310 is result of registry corruption in some cases. In simple words, the setup program is unable to load required information from the Windows registry, that’s why; the respected tasks cannot be completed. To fix error 1310 in your Windows 7, make your registry junk-free.

Download a Registry Cleaner software such as Reginout. Install and run it. If registry errors are displayed, repair them immediately.

Unacceptable Recent System Changes

Using System Restore tool, restore your computer to an earlier state. This will restore all the operating system and application settings to a particular date.

1. Click Start.

2. Select All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore.

3. Click the Next button.

4. Select a system restore point of a particular date when the computer was working fine. For instance, a restore point before a day or two.

5. Click Restore my Computer button to begin the system restore process.

6. Follow the on screen instructions.

Note: The System Restore process requires a system reboot. After the process is started, you are not supposed to do anything with your computer. Hence, save all your documents and close the opened programs before starting the actual process.

Lack of Security Permissions to the Installation Directory

The program you are trying to install on a certain drive is not able to have complete access. This often causes error code 1310.

Do the following steps to fix it:

1. Click Start, and select Run.

2. Type C:\Program Files in the Open box.

3. Press ENTER.

4. Right click the folder that you selected to install the particular product. For instance, Microsoft Office, Adobe, or iTunes.

5. Select Properties.

6. Click the Security tab, and grant necessary security permissions.

7. Click OK | OK.

8. Restart the setup program.

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