Friday, January 27, 2012

Error 2908 while installing Microsoft office 2007

Error 2908 may appear while installing Microsoft Office 2007 on your system. This error appears when you are trying to repair Office 2007 program, installing a new software update or trying to start Microsoft Office 2007 on your system.

To resolve error 2908 while installing Microsoft Office 2007, try these steps:

  • Repair or Update Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Re-register Windows Installer
  • Remove UTTemp and mscoree.dll
  • Update Windows
  • Repair Windows Registry

Repair or Update Microsoft .NET Framework:

Follow the steps given below to repair .NET Framework using Windows Installer.

1.    Click on Start button | Run
2.    Type Installer | OK
3.    View | Details | Right Click on Name
4.    Click Comment | Right Click Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 RTL x86.exe
5.    Repair
6.    Quit after repairing process has finished.  

Manually Remove Microsoft .NET Framework:

To fix error code 2908 while installing Microsoft Office 2007, you need to uninstall .NET framework through control panel and download updated version.  Follow the steps given below.

1.    Click on Start | Control Panel
2.    Add or Remove Programs | Select Microsoft .NET Framework
3.    Remove/Uninstall
4.    Restart your system
5.    Download updated version of .NET framework.

Re-register Windows Installer:

Reregistering Windows installer is a helpful step to fix error 2908 while installing office 2007 on your system. .

1.    Click on Start  | Run
2.    Type msiexec /unregister | OK
3.    Click Start | Run
4.    Type msiexec /regserver

Remove UTTemp and mscoree.dll

This error can be fixed by removing UTTemp and mscoree.dll folders, if you are unable to repair Microsoft .Net Framework. To remove these folders, follow the steps given below.

1.    Click on Start | Run
2.    Type System32
3.    Locate UTTemp and mscoree.dll
4.    Delete these two folders.

Update Windows:

Turn on Windows updates to automatically receive updates. Follow the steps given below.

1.    Click on Start | Control Panel
2.    Click on System | Automatic Updates
3.    Performance and Maintenance | System
4.    Make sure Automatic Updates ON

Repair Windows Registry

To prevent installation errors, you need to install some reliable tool that would help install and uninstall programs correctly. Repairing Windows Registry would certainly help you in fixing error 2908 while installing Microsoft office 2007 on your system. You can use Reginout System Repair for this purpose.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to Repair Arkham City Crash

Arkham City crashes because of several reasons. In this article you would learn about most common causes behind it and some effective tips to repair Arkham City crashes.

1. Ensure Minimum System Requirements
2. Change UserEngine.ini Settings
3. Change location of My Documents Folder
4. Clean Arkham City related Registry Errors
5. Reset NVIDIA Optimus Card Performance Settings
6. Update device drivers

Ensure Minimum System Requirements

Before you start repairing Arkham City crashes, you need to ensure minimum system requirement to play game without crashes. Here are minimum system specs.

· Operating System: Windows 7, Vista and XP
· Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz
· Random Access Memory (RAM): 2 GB
· Graphics Card: NVIDIA 8800 or ATI 3800 (VRAM: 512 MB
· Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
· Free Hard Disk Space: 17.5 GB
· DVD ROM, Mouse & Keyboard

Change UserEngine.ini Settings

A file named UserEngine.ini is created by Arkham City for saving local configurations. Change language to English and alter the file contents.

1. Double click on My Computer | Press F3.
2. Type UserEngine.ini in the Search box | ENTER.
3. Open With | Notepad.
4. Click Edit | Find. Type Language= in the Find box and click Find Next.
5. When the keyword is found, change its default value to Eng which means replace it as Language=Eng
6. Click File | Save | exit.

Change Location of My Documents Folder

If my documents folder does not resides in default directory, Arkham City crash would occur. In Windows 7 and Vista OS, the default root folder is C:\Users\. If location of My Document is changed to any other folder, Arkham City starts crashing.

1. Start | User Name.
2. Right click My Documents | select Properties.
3. Click Location tab from the new dialog.
4. Click Restore Defaults | Apply | OK.
5. If confirmation box appears, let it move the files inside this folder.

Clean Arkham City related Registry Errors

Arkham City settings are stored in registry. Due to some accidental change, Arkham City can crash and in some cases it fails to load properly.
In this situation you need to download some good registry cleaner to clean Arkham City related registry entries.

Reset NVIDIA Optimus Card Performance Settings

Improper graphics settings for NVIDIA Optimus Card users lead to Arkham City crash. Follow the steps given below and set High Performance NVIDIA processor.

1. Click Start | Go to Control Panel.
2. NVIDiA Control Panel.
3. 3D Settings | Manage 3D Settings.
4. Program Settings tab | Click Add button | select Arkham City executable file and then click Open.
5. Select High-Performance NVIDIA Processor option from Select the Preferred Graphics.
6. Click Apply | OK.

Update Device Drivers

Updating device drivers can prevent you from Arkham City crashes. Get some good driver updating 
program or manually update device drivers on your system.