Monday, February 6, 2012

Loadlibrary failed with error 126

Are you perplexed why the loadlibrary failed with error 126? It happens to many computer users. 

Your PC may face an error called the “Loadlibrary failed with error 126” when you attempt to launch the game or you try to install some product on your system. In fact error 126 is an application error that occurs when installed application tries to retrieve information from Dynamic Link Library that does not exist in your system.

Log ON using Administrator Privileges:

Loadlibrary error can be fixed by copying missing DLL. Follow the steps given below to copy the file.

1. Click on Start | Programs
2. Select Accessories | Command Prompt
3. Right Click on command prompt and select Run as Administrator.
4. On command prompt, type the command “ copy FileName.DLL .dll
5. Restart your system.

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Restore Missing DLL File:

Error 126 can be due to fact that user has accidentally deleted the file. To solve this problem, restore the missing DLL file. Follow the steps given below to restore missing DLL file.

1. Go to your Desktop.
2. Locate Recycle Bin Folder.
3. Search for missing file.
4. Right click on file and select Restore.

Re-register Dynamic Link Library File:

Another way to solve loadlibrary failure is to re-register relevant DLL file. Follow the procedure given below to reregister the DLL file.

1. Close all active applications.
2. Click on Start | Run
3. Type “Regsvr32.exe” | Press Enter.

Update Device Drivers:

Presence of outdated device drivers in your system can cause loadlibrary failed with error 126. To fix this problem, uninstall outdated driver and download updated drivers. Below is given procedure to uninstall and update drivers.

1. Right Click on My Computer.
2. Select Properties | Click on Hardware | Device Manger
3. Right click on the Device | Uninstall
4. Now download updated device driver.
5. Restart your system.

Repair Windows Registry:
Windows registry is the database that contains reference to incorrect files. To fix error 126, you need to repair Windows registry. Follow the steps given below to repair registry.

1. Download and Install some reliable registry cleanup software such as Reginout.
2. Start full registry scan.
3. Fix Errors.

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