Thursday, February 2, 2012

Youtube Chrome Crash

Browsing Youtube on Chrome browser for PC is often an irksome experience. Chrome is well-known for its crashes which become intense when we play video games or watch online videos on web sites such as the Youtube.

We are going to discuss in detail that why that happens? Whenever embroiled in this mess, the only thing that users are left with is to restart the browser or use the Ctrl > Alt > Delete keys to force shutdown the unresponsive page through the task manager.

Many users have also reported that they get this error because of issues with Chrome plugins.

Here are given a few simple tips that will help you to fix this browser crashing easily:

  • Open Chrome web browser
  • Click on Ranch Icon on right top
  • Go to Tools > Extensions 
  • Disable All extensions
  • Close browser 
  • Restart it again and enable the extensions one by one. 

If the above tips do not work type chrome://plugins/ in the URL address bar of Google Chrome web browser.

You will see a plugin called Shockwave. Disable this plugin. Now, before re-enabling the plugin do some cleaning tasks on your browser.

>> First of all download RegInOut to clear junk data from Chrome and  from your System. Also use RegInOut to optimize your browser and system speed.

>> Run registry cleaning scan with RegInOut System Utilities to repair active-X, Flash, Shockwave Flash and Chrome registry entries to properly fix Youtube Chrome crash in your PC.

>> After running the scan re-enable the Shockwave plugin in Chrome.


Anonymous said...

is there any way to fix youtube chrome crash without the tool ?

Anonymous said...

i used the tool apart from fixing chrome crash it made my pc lightning fast