Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Fix Unresponsive Script Error in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

Unresponsive script error often occurs in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. JavaScript takes longer than normal to complete the process. This unresponsive script error causes your browser to crash and/or freeze.

Fixing unresponsive script error is fairly simple, you simply need to increase the time before your script is considered unresponsive. Its also wise to keep your browsers clean from junk data. Using an efficient repair tool such as the IBM Business Partner Reginout, you can fix unresponsive script error in PC.

Reginout Download (Verisign Code Signing Authority)
Compatibility w/ Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Unresponsive Script in Firefox:

To fix script error in Firefox, follow the steps given below.

1. Open new tab in Firefox and type “about:config” without quotes | Enter.

2. In the filter filed type “dom.max_script_run_time” without quotation | Press Enter

3. Now double click on Enter and Type “20” in pop up box | Press Enter.

4. Close newly opened tab.

5. Restart Firefox.

Unresponsive Script Error in Thunderbird:

Apply these instructions to fix unresponsiveness in Thunderbird.

1. Open Thunderbird | Click on Tools | Select Options

2. Click on Advanced | Advanced Configuration

3. Click on Config Editor | In filter filed type “dom.max_script_run_time”

4. Double click on Entry and type “20” | Press Enter.

Fix Script Errors in Google Chrome:

Fixing script error in Google Chrome is fairly simple thing. Most likely your toolbars are conflicting. Disable unwanted toolbars and look around JavaScript console to detect and fix your problem. Follow these instructions to disable unwanted extensions in Chrome.

1. Click on Wrench Option on right side of your browser.

2. Select Tools | Select Extensions

3. Disable unwanted extensions.

4. Restart Firefox.

5. If you are getting script error when you are browsing some particular site just press Ctrl + Shift + J

6. Check for the problem and search on Google for the problem.

Fix Internet Explorer Script Error:

Fixing Internet Explorer Script error is easier than any other browser. Follow the steps given below to fix IE script error.

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click on Tools in Menu Bar | Select Internet Options

3. Click on Advanced tab | Select browsing section

4. Disable Scrip Debugging (other) and check the boxes next to Disable Script Debugging (IE)

5. Also clear checkbox next to Display a notification about every script error | Click on OK | Restart your browser.

Repair Windows Registry:

Problem with registry entries related to web browser can cause script errors. You should repair Windows registry using some reliable registry fixing tool to fix browser related issues.

1. Download and Install Registry repair tool Reginout.

2. Start system scan for registry issues

3. Fix those errors.

Run Disk Cleanup:

Presence of junk in your system can slow down your browser. Run disk cleanup to remove browser and system junk.

1. Click on Start | All Programs | Accessories

2. System Tools | System Tools | Disk Clean Up

3. Select the volume and Press OK

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Windows 8 Virtualbox—Procedure to Install Windows 8 in Virtualbox

There are lots of Virtual Machines Apps which allow you to install OS in virtual environment but all these apps are not available free of cost.

Free Applications:

· Oracle’s Virtualbox

· VMWare’s Player 4.0

Get Started:

· Download Windows 8

· Download Oracle’s Virtualbox

Before you start downloading Windows 8 and Oracle’s Virtualbox, match your system specs:

Procedure to Install Windows 8 in Virtualbox

Important Points

· Enable Virtualization Technology

· Free p RAM, more than 1.5 is enough

· Free up Storage, 20 GB

Once you have enabled virtualization technology, start installing Virtualbox. When you start installation, few pop-ups would appear and you need to click on Allow. Below are given steps to install Virtulbox.

1. Double click on setup file to install Virtualbox.

2. Click on New once Virtualbox is launched.

3. Now you can see Virtualbox installation Wizard.

4. Click on Next

5. Type the name of Virtual Machine.

6. Select Windows 7 as version and Windows as Operating System.

7. Click Next

Allocate memory, consider following suggestions

1. Allocate more RAM when installing Windows 8 64-bit.

2. Click on Next once done.

You can use your existing hard disk as startup disk or you can create new hard disk. Default option would be Create new Hard Disk. Click on Next as given below

Ensure VDI (Virtaulbox Disk Image) is selected. Now click on Next

Now you have two options either to select Fixed size or Dynamically Allocated. Select Fixed size and click on Next.

You can increase or decrease the amount of hard disk space as its set to 20 GB by default. Once done, click on Next button.

Have a look at summary of what you have done before. Click on create

This step would take time almost 5 to 30 mins.

After this step you can see click on Create. Now you can see main interface .

1. Select Windows 8 settings

2. Select System

3. Ensure IO APIC is enabled in motherboard tab.

4. You have an option to uncheck enable absolute pointing device.

Ensure Enable PAE/NX is checked by moving processor tab.

Now click on Acceleration tab and in front of Hardware Virtualization check both boxes.

*check all these settings

· Now click on Storage | Empty under IDE Controller.

· Select CD Icon

· Choose Virtual CD/DVD drive

· Now go to Windows 8 developer build ISO file | Select it

· OK

Now click on Start | Follow onscreen instructions.

Use Windows 8

Friday, March 2, 2012

Does PC Performer Really Work Any Good?

PC Performer is a well known system utilities program. It helps fighting with common computer problems including Windows crashes, BSODs, startup errors, slow system, system freezes and slow & lagging games.

I found several questions over the internet, “Does PC Performer work any good?” My short answer is “Yes, it does".

Download PCFresher which is best PC Optimizer tool.
It works really good comparing to other system utilities software. It includes several features and tools that not only repair your computer problem but also take care that you’ll not incur any problems in the future. Let’s take an example: There is a feature called Backup & Restore. With this feature, you can easily backup the state of your registry so that you can avoid unexpected, serious problems with your computer.
Registry Cleaner
It includes a Registry Cleaner which takes care that there are no junk, obsolete and outdated entries in your registry. Registry is a database stored on your system where important system settings and other configurations are stored. It is used by your operating system, programs and games. On a regular basis the registry information is changed & updated. Because the registry is filled up constantly, there are greater chances of such entries by other programs installed on your machine. This ultimately makes several runtime errors and other problems specified above. PC Performer cleans these entries on time so that if there are any problems associated with these entries then they will be cured. Additionally, problems that may occur in future because of registry corruption will also be prevented.
Registry Defragmenter
PC Performer not just takes care of the registry entries alone. It includes a Registry Defragmenter which analyzes the state of your registry fragmentation. If the registry is found to be too fragmented, then it is defragmented automatically so that the programs dependent on it run faster and no system lags are experienced.
Registry Backup & Restore
The good thing is that all these useful features are bundled in a single software. The user interface is quite simple. A basic user can easily become familiar with its features. By performing registry cleanup and registry defrag tasks on a regular basis; you can keep your computer error-free.