Friday, March 2, 2012

Does PC Performer Really Work Any Good?

PC Performer is a well known system utilities program. It helps fighting with common computer problems including Windows crashes, BSODs, startup errors, slow system, system freezes and slow & lagging games.

I found several questions over the internet, “Does PC Performer work any good?” My short answer is “Yes, it does".

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It works really good comparing to other system utilities software. It includes several features and tools that not only repair your computer problem but also take care that you’ll not incur any problems in the future. Let’s take an example: There is a feature called Backup & Restore. With this feature, you can easily backup the state of your registry so that you can avoid unexpected, serious problems with your computer.
Registry Cleaner
It includes a Registry Cleaner which takes care that there are no junk, obsolete and outdated entries in your registry. Registry is a database stored on your system where important system settings and other configurations are stored. It is used by your operating system, programs and games. On a regular basis the registry information is changed & updated. Because the registry is filled up constantly, there are greater chances of such entries by other programs installed on your machine. This ultimately makes several runtime errors and other problems specified above. PC Performer cleans these entries on time so that if there are any problems associated with these entries then they will be cured. Additionally, problems that may occur in future because of registry corruption will also be prevented.
Registry Defragmenter
PC Performer not just takes care of the registry entries alone. It includes a Registry Defragmenter which analyzes the state of your registry fragmentation. If the registry is found to be too fragmented, then it is defragmented automatically so that the programs dependent on it run faster and no system lags are experienced.
Registry Backup & Restore
The good thing is that all these useful features are bundled in a single software. The user interface is quite simple. A basic user can easily become familiar with its features. By performing registry cleanup and registry defrag tasks on a regular basis; you can keep your computer error-free.

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