Friday, April 20, 2012

Fix Runtime Error 91

Runtime error 91 appears due to incomplete installation, incorrect settings in registry database and malware infection.

Try instructions given in this article to fix this problem of yours:

Repair Windows Registry:

First of all repair registry in order to fix runtime error 91 on your system. Follow the instructions given below to repair registry.

  • Download and Install some reliable Registry Repair Software such as Reginout
  • Start full registry scan.
  • Repair Errors

Uninstall and Reinstall Software:

Identify which Software/Program is causing error 91 on your system. Once identified, try uninstalling and reinstalling program to fix it.

  • Click on Start | Select Control Panel
  • Double click on Add or Remove Program
  • Select suspected program | Uninstall it
  • Restart your system.
  • Download or Install the program again

Download Microsoft Redistributable Package VC++:

Download and install the latest version of Microsoft Redistributable package VC++ from Microsoft’s corporate website in order to fix error 91.

  • Visit Microsoft’s website.
  • Click on Download Section | Choose the Component
  • Download and install it.

Clean Boot Windows:

Clean boot means you need to disable All Windows Services. Clean boot should fix error code 91. Follow the steps given below.

  • Close all active programs.
  • Click on Start and type MSCONFIG in Search
  • Click on Services | Disable All Microsoft Services
  • Click on Selective Startup | Disable Startup items
  • Restart your system.
  • Once you issue is resolved you can re-enable those Services and Start up items

Disable Script Debugging:

Disable script debugging to resolve runtime errors. Follow the instructions given below:

  • Open Internet Explorer | Select Tools
  • Click on Internet Options | Advanced
  • Now from the Windows—disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging(Others)
  • OK

Get Rid of Error 7 iTunes—Learn to Fix iTunes error 7

This article contains helpful information to get rid of error 7 in iTunes. Follow the steps in sequence to fix it

Repair Windows Registry:

When you download iTunes on Windows operating system, it installs device filter to work with optical drive. Error is most likely due to missing device filter. There are two ways to solve this issue:

Remove iTunes through Control Panel:

To get rid of error 7 in iTunes, you need to completely remove iTunes and related software components through control panel. Removing iTunes through control panel would remove all the traces of iTunes. Follow the instructions given below to remove iTunes.
  •  Click on Start | Control Panel
  • Select Add or Remove Programs
  • Click on iTunes | Uninstall
  • Select QuickTime | Uninstall
  • Restart your system
  •  Download and install iTunes again.

Upgrade Microsoft .NET Framework:

Bad installation of Microsoft .NET Framework can cause installation errors on your system. Visit Microsoft’s download and search for version of .NET Framework and install it on your machine. Upgrading Microsoft .NET Framework should fix error 7 on your system.

Revert iTunes to an Older Version:

Uninstall updated version of iTunes and download older version on your system to get rid of iTunes error 7.

Perform Clean Boot:

You need to perform clean boot by applying instructions given below.

  • Click on Start | Run
  • Type “MSCONFIG” without quotes and press Enter.
  • Click on Selective Startup | Clear Load Startup items
  • Select Services | Hide all Microsoft Services | Disable All
  •  Restart your system
  • Now follow steps 1 to 4
  • Load all startup items
  • Enable all services

If you are still experiencing iTunes error 7—you need to separately install iTunes and QuikTime. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Computer Freezes While Streaming Videos

OFTEN computer freezes while streaming videos. Below are outlined troubleshooting instructions to stop computer from freezing while streaming internet videos.

End Process:

First thing you could do to avoid lag in your system is to stop the program which is the reason behind lag. If you are frequently facing this problem, it is a signal that your PC needs to be optimized for faster system performance. Consider using a system cleanup and optimization utility such as the Intel Software Partner Reginout.

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del

2. Click on Processes Tab | Select the program that is causing your computer to freeze

3. Click on End Process.

Disable Background Running Programs:

Some background applications can cause your computer to freeze while you are watching videos in your favorite browser. Follow the steps given below to disable those programs.

1. Click on Start | Type MSCOFIG | Enter

2. Click on Services | Uncheck unwanted services

3. Apply | OK

Update Flash Player:

A computer that stutters while running videos mostly requires update for flash player. Try updating flash player:

1. Click on Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Program

2. Click on Adobe Flash Player | Uninstall it

3. Visit Adobe Flash Player’s website

4. Download updated Flash Player.

5. Close all applications and restart your system.

Remove Browser Add-ons:

When you attempt to stream video, conflicting add-ons can cause your browser to freeze. Remove all toolbars through control panel and try stopping the extenstions/add-ons temporarily. Uninstall unwanted toolbars by applying steps given below.

1. Click on Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs

2. Select unwanted tool bar | Uninstall

Note: You can search on Google how to manage Add-ons with reference to your browser.

Update Device Drivers:

Ensure that you have latest device drivers installed on your system to avoid video freezing. To update device drivers, follow these instructions:

1. Right Click on My Computer | Properties

2. Hardware | Device Manager

3. Select Device | Right Click on it | Check for updates

4. Download latest version of driver.

Repair Windows Registry:

Your computer freezes if browser related registry entries are corrupted. Repair registry to fix installation issues and other registry related issues.

1. Download some reliable registry fixing program such as Reginout.

2. Run full registry scan | Repair Errors

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fix Wifi Crash in Windows 7, Vista and XP Desktop and Laptop

In this tutorial I will share with you a few tricks which are commonly used to fix Wifi Crash in Windows 7, Vista and XP. Here are these tips:
  • Unblock Wi-Fi Connection from Windows Firewall
  • Disable Wireless Zero Configuration Service
  • Fix the Registry
  • Reset your Network Adapter

Clean Windows 7 Registry and Optimize Wifi

RegInOut Download w/ Verisign Digital Certificate

Unblock Wi-Fi Connection from Windows Firewall

In several cases it was found that a file called SyncServer.exe located in Program Files directory was blocked by Windows Firewall. Unblocking it would fix Wifi Crashing. 

  1. Click Start, select Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security | Windows Firewall.
  3. On the left hand side click Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall link.
  4. Click Allow Another Program button.
  5. In the new dialog click Browse button.
  6. Select this file: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\SncServer.exe
  7. Click Open, and then Add | OK | Close. Wifi crash will be now fixed.

Disable Wireless Zero Configuration Service
If the Wireless Zero Configuration service is running while establishing a network connection it might be the reason behind Wifi error. Disable it to repair your problem.

  1. To fix Wifi crashes, click Start, select Run.
  2. In the Run dialog type Services.msc under Open box.
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Scroll down to Wireless Zero Configuration. Right click it and select Properties.
  5. Click General tab in the new dialog.
  6. Under Startup Type select Disabled option.
  7. Click the Stop button.
  8. Close OK | Close and then restart your computer. The next time your computer is started there shall not be any problem connecting with your Wi-Fi connection.

Fix the Registry
There are good chances that your Windows registry is corrupt. Scan entire registry for errors and fix them immediately. Download a Registry Cleaner such as Reginout to do this task.

Reset your Network Adapter
There might be a problem with the network adapter connected to your computer. Do reset your network adapter in the following way:

  1. Click Start | Control Panel.
  2. Click Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Centre.
  3. Finally click Manage Network Connections.
  4. Select and right click your network adapter. Choose Disable option.
  5. Type the administrator password for confirmation.
  6. Restart the computer and repeat the Steps 1 to 3 given above.
  7. Right click your network adapter and choose Enable. This will fix Wifi crashing issue.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Outlook Freezes, How to Fix it

Outlook frustrates users because of excessive freezing. You need to determine the cause of problem before you start fixing it.

Below are outlined some steps through which you can easily fix Outlook freezing in your computer running Windows 8.1/8/7, Vista or Windows XP.

Repeat your action:

Try to perform certain tasks on Outlook. If you encounter an error code while performing a specific operation, note down this error code. With the error code known you can search in Microsoft help forums for possible solutions. Or you can also try scanning for Outlook registry errors through PC Fresher System Utilities.

Update Outlook:

Outlook may freeze due to essential missing updates. Install latest updates to test whether Outlook is still freezing or not. Some hotfixes are available on Microsoft’s website which are helpful in fixing this menace.

Add command line switch to start Outlook:

Many command line switches are available through which you can start Outlook without freezing. Follow the procedure to add command line switch to start Outlook.

1. Locate path of Outlook executable file (Outlook.exe)

2. Click on Start | Run

3. Type the path of outlook.exe in open box, add SPACEBAR and type “/” and write down command line switch.

4. For instance if you use Safe switch, the command you type in run box would be
c: \program files \Microsoft Office \ Office Version \ Outlook.exe /safe

5. OK

Some other Outlook switches are

. /cleanviews

· /cleanrules

· /cleanprofile

· /cleansharing

· /resetnavpane

Disable Third-party Add-ins:

Outlook freezes when you have loaded third party extensions or exchange client extensions. Disable Exchange Client Extensions and COM add-ins through the instructions given below:

1. Click on Tools in menu | Trust Center

2. Manage | COM Add-ins | GO

3. Clear the box for add-ins you want to disable (Ensure you have disabled Exchange Client Extensions)

4. OK | Reset Outlook

**re-enable both extensions if Outlooks continues to freeze.

Use New Outlook Profile:

If outlook is still freezing, try a new profile because in some cases large attachments cause freezing. Follow the instructions given below to use new Outlook profile.

1. Stay signed In using your current
2. You can use Mail item in Windows CP for Outlook profile creation.
3. In Exchange Mailbox, configure new profile using instructions given below.
a. Select Accounts Settings | E-mail Accounts tab | Exchange mailbox | Change
b. Select More Settings in Change Email account
c. Click on Security tab | Select always prompt for login credentials.
4. Start using new profile.

Manage Background Programs:

Your Outlook can be freezing due to background running programs. Manage background programs using Microsoft configuration utility. Follow the instructions given below to manage startup and background programs.

1. Click on Start | Run

2. Type “msconfig” without quotes and press Enter.

3. Select Services and disable unwanted background services.

4. Now click on Start up items and uncheck unwanted items.

5. Restart your system.

Clean and Repair Windows Registry:

Registry settings related to Outlook can cause the program to freeze. Get some reliable registry fix-up tool and it would fix application freezing in your system.

1. Download and install some reliable registry fixing tool such as PCFresher System Utilities.
2. Click on Registry Cleaner.
3. Start full registry scan | Repair errors.

Note: this program would remove registry errors and clean system junk.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Fix Android Error 921

Android error 921 occurs whilst downloading an app from the market. Error 921 occurs on different stages. You may receive this error before installation or when you start downloading an app. It can also occur when you are updating an app. 

Fix error 921 when you start downloading an app:

Use the instructions given below if you are unable to download an app.
  • Ensure that your device is one among listed supported devices. If your device is not present in the list, contact manufacturer.
  • Ensure your credit card information for paid apps is correct. You can check the updates for credit card information by signing into your Google Wallet account.  
  • If your credit card information is up to date, simply cancel the download and restart it.
  • Restart your device and try downloading app.
  • Ensure the connectivity of Internet. Contact your service provider if you are facing problem with Internet Connection.
  • Ensure Firewalls are not blocking access of particular application on your device. Check the ports TCP and UDP 5228 for Google Play.

Clear Cache and Google Play store data:

Android error 921 can occur because of data in cache and download manager. Follow the instructions given below to clean cache and Google Play Store.

  • Go to Menu | Select Settings | Go to Applications
  • Click on Manage Applications | Now select “All”
  • Select Google Play Store App and then select Download Manager
  • Clear Data
  • Clear Cache
  • For faster cleaning install ST Cleaner App

Sign In to Google Talk:

To successfully download Android app, you must be able to sign into your Google Talk/Hangouts. Follow the instructions given below to ensure your device is signed into Hangouts.
  •  Press Talk app by visiting device’s app launcher.
  • Press Menu if you are already signed to Hangouts.
  • Now Sign Out.
  • Launch Hangouts again and try signing in.
  • Try downloading app that was showing error 921.  

Remount Your SD Card:

If Android error 921 still occurs, remount your SD Card by performing instructions given below.
  • Go to Menu | select Settings | next Storage | Unmount SD card
  • Select Remount SD card.
  • Reset your device if Remount option is not present.