Friday, April 13, 2012

Computer Freezes While Streaming Videos

OFTEN computer freezes while streaming videos. Below are outlined troubleshooting instructions to stop computer from freezing while streaming internet videos.

End Process:

First thing you could do to avoid lag in your system is to stop the program which is the reason behind lag. If you are frequently facing this problem, it is a signal that your PC needs to be optimized for faster system performance. Consider using a system cleanup and optimization utility such as the Intel Software Partner Reginout.

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del

2. Click on Processes Tab | Select the program that is causing your computer to freeze

3. Click on End Process.

Disable Background Running Programs:

Some background applications can cause your computer to freeze while you are watching videos in your favorite browser. Follow the steps given below to disable those programs.

1. Click on Start | Type MSCOFIG | Enter

2. Click on Services | Uncheck unwanted services

3. Apply | OK

Update Flash Player:

A computer that stutters while running videos mostly requires update for flash player. Try updating flash player:

1. Click on Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Program

2. Click on Adobe Flash Player | Uninstall it

3. Visit Adobe Flash Player’s website

4. Download updated Flash Player.

5. Close all applications and restart your system.

Remove Browser Add-ons:

When you attempt to stream video, conflicting add-ons can cause your browser to freeze. Remove all toolbars through control panel and try stopping the extenstions/add-ons temporarily. Uninstall unwanted toolbars by applying steps given below.

1. Click on Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs

2. Select unwanted tool bar | Uninstall

Note: You can search on Google how to manage Add-ons with reference to your browser.

Update Device Drivers:

Ensure that you have latest device drivers installed on your system to avoid video freezing. To update device drivers, follow these instructions:

1. Right Click on My Computer | Properties

2. Hardware | Device Manager

3. Select Device | Right Click on it | Check for updates

4. Download latest version of driver.

Repair Windows Registry:

Your computer freezes if browser related registry entries are corrupted. Repair registry to fix installation issues and other registry related issues.

1. Download some reliable registry fixing program such as Reginout.

2. Run full registry scan | Repair Errors

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