Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Outlook Freezes, How to Fix it

Outlook frustrates users because of excessive freezing. You need to determine the cause of problem before you start fixing it.

Below are outlined some steps through which you can easily fix Outlook freezing in your computer running Windows 8.1/8/7, Vista or Windows XP.

Repeat your action:

Try to perform certain tasks on Outlook. If you encounter an error code while performing a specific operation, note down this error code. With the error code known you can search in Microsoft help forums for possible solutions. Or you can also try scanning for Outlook registry errors through PC Fresher System Utilities.

Update Outlook:

Outlook may freeze due to essential missing updates. Install latest updates to test whether Outlook is still freezing or not. Some hotfixes are available on Microsoft’s website which are helpful in fixing this menace.

Add command line switch to start Outlook:

Many command line switches are available through which you can start Outlook without freezing. Follow the procedure to add command line switch to start Outlook.

1. Locate path of Outlook executable file (Outlook.exe)

2. Click on Start | Run

3. Type the path of outlook.exe in open box, add SPACEBAR and type “/” and write down command line switch.

4. For instance if you use Safe switch, the command you type in run box would be
c: \program files \Microsoft Office \ Office Version \ Outlook.exe /safe

5. OK

Some other Outlook switches are

. /cleanviews

· /cleanrules

· /cleanprofile

· /cleansharing

· /resetnavpane

Disable Third-party Add-ins:

Outlook freezes when you have loaded third party extensions or exchange client extensions. Disable Exchange Client Extensions and COM add-ins through the instructions given below:

1. Click on Tools in menu | Trust Center

2. Manage | COM Add-ins | GO

3. Clear the box for add-ins you want to disable (Ensure you have disabled Exchange Client Extensions)

4. OK | Reset Outlook

**re-enable both extensions if Outlooks continues to freeze.

Use New Outlook Profile:

If outlook is still freezing, try a new profile because in some cases large attachments cause freezing. Follow the instructions given below to use new Outlook profile.

1. Stay signed In using your current
2. You can use Mail item in Windows CP for Outlook profile creation.
3. In Exchange Mailbox, configure new profile using instructions given below.
a. Select Accounts Settings | E-mail Accounts tab | Exchange mailbox | Change
b. Select More Settings in Change Email account
c. Click on Security tab | Select always prompt for login credentials.
4. Start using new profile.

Manage Background Programs:

Your Outlook can be freezing due to background running programs. Manage background programs using Microsoft configuration utility. Follow the instructions given below to manage startup and background programs.

1. Click on Start | Run

2. Type “msconfig” without quotes and press Enter.

3. Select Services and disable unwanted background services.

4. Now click on Start up items and uncheck unwanted items.

5. Restart your system.

Clean and Repair Windows Registry:

Registry settings related to Outlook can cause the program to freeze. Get some reliable registry fix-up tool and it would fix application freezing in your system.

1. Download and install some reliable registry fixing tool such as PCFresher System Utilities.
2. Click on Registry Cleaner.
3. Start full registry scan | Repair errors.

Note: this program would remove registry errors and clean system junk.

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