Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fix Nsis Error Launching Installer

Nsis error occurs because of incomplete, modified download and damaged physical media. Frequent installation of programs in PC cause this error. Here are given a few important steps that would be helpful in dealing with this problem:

  • Rename installer
  • Download installer from the approved source of developer
  • Clean browser Cache
  • Scan system for virus, spyware, malware and update antivirus
  • Run .exe file with disabled antivirus

Rename installer:

Rename the installer without changing .exe suffix. Try to run the application with a renamed .exe file. It will resolve the issue.

Download installer from approved source of developer:

Nsis error can be fixed by downloading installer from an approved source of application developer. Mostly the error occurs because of corrupt file on the server.

Clean browser Cache:

Cleaning browser cache could be helpful. Follow the process to clean browser cache.

  1. Go to Users
  2. User name
  3. Library
  4. Catches
  5. Clean cache
Scan system for virus, spyware, malware and update antivirus:

Scanning system for virus, spyware, malware can resolve the issue. Moreover, always update antivirus, it helps in fixing Nsis issues.

Run .exe file with disabled antivirus:

Sometime, antivirus disallows installation or interrupts the installation process. Keeping in mind the defined notion you need to disable antivirus to ensure error-free installation.

For software in CD/DVD:

Corrupted data in CD/DVD can also cause this problem. Try changing your disk for installation of programs. 

Scan for Registry Errors:

Registry errors in Windows can cause NSIS errors. Scan your PC with some reliable PC Repair utility such as Reginout System Utilities.

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