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Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Windows 8 is hardware related issue. Users encountering such error should upgrade BIOS, remove and reset memory, graphics card, HD and other cables. Updating Chipset drivers can be helpful too.

You may try implementing following methods if error still exists after initial troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Methods
· Undo the recent changes you made
· Use Windows 8 Action Center
· Check for Updates
· Login through Safe Mode to troubleshoot the problem
· Check Hard Disk Errors
· Check any Memory Problems
· Repair Windows Registry

Undo the Recent Change you made
Windows 8 has built-in system restore feature to undo the change you recently made. Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Windows 8 can be resolved by restoring system. Follow the steps given below to restore system.

1. Open Start | Type in System Restore in Search field OR you can do that in Settings
2. Click on System Restore | Insert password if prompted
3. Follow on screen instructions

Use Windows 8 Action Center
When any hardware or software related issue occurs in your system, Windows 8 creates a simple report. There might be solution in Windows 8 Control Panel for error Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Windows 8. Follow these simple steps.

1. Open Windows 8 Control Panel
2. GOTO System and Security | Review computer Status | Click on Maintenance
3. Click on Check for solutions under
4. It will notify you if there are some solutions to the problem

Check for Updates
Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Windows 8 can also be fixed by any recent updated from Microsoft. You can find all information related to drivers and other software packages installed on your system in Windows updates. GOTO Windows updates through steps given below.

1. Open Windows 8 Start and type Update | Click on Windows Updates
2. Click on Check for updates in left pane
3. If update is available, click on the message
4. Mark the checkboxes for update | OK
5. Install those updates

Note: Please check separately for driver updates on manufacturer’s website.

Login through Safe Mode to troubleshoot the issues
Safe mode is better place to troubleshoot issues in Windows. Before you could enter into Safe Mode in Windows 8, you need to do some settings. Here are steps for Windows 8 startup settings.

1. Tap Settings on start screen | Now tap Change PC Settings
2. Tap on General under PC Settings | Tap Restart Now under Advanced Settings
3. Click on Troubleshoot under Choose an option | Tap restart
4. Choose the startup settings
5. Sign-in your system using admin rights
6. In the safe mode you can troubleshoot your problem

Check Hard Disk Errors in Windows 8
Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Windows 8 error can be fixed by checking your installation disk for errors. Follow the procedure given below to check hard disk errors in Windows 8.

1. In Windows 8 GOTO installation drive
2. Right-click on the drive to select Properties | Tap Tools tab under errors checking
3. Click on Check | It will check your installation drive for system errors

Check any memory problems
Windows 8 has built-in memory diagnostic tool to troubleshoot memory problems. Follow the method given below to launch Memory diagnostics in Windows 8.

1. Open Windows 8 Control Panel
2. GOTO Administrative Tools | Launch Windows Memory Diagnostics
3. You can open memory diagnostics through Command Prompt as well
4. On Windows 8 Search Charm or Invoke Run Window
5. Type “mdsched” without quotes and press Enter
6. Windows 8 would automatically check memory related issues

Repair Windows 8 Registry
Windows Registry saves information related to hardware configuration and installed programs. Any misleading Registry entry related to installed drivers can results in Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. To solve the problem you need to repair Windows Registry. Follow the procedure given below to repair Windows 8 Registry.

1. Download and Install Windows 8 compatible system utility that includes Registry Repair features such as RegInOut
2. After installing the utility click on Registry Repair feature on main interface
3. Let it scan your system for Registry Errors
4. Finally click on Fix Errors
5. Close RegInOut Editor

Important Information: Above article may include some steps which are purely implemented in Windows 7, if you face troubles following the steps—you are advised to find the relevant method in Google for Windows
8. Hope this information would help improving performance and stability of your Windows 8 PCs

Tip: Click Here to Fix Driver_IRQL Error with the instant repair tool called Reginout.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

JVM Error 517 Blackberry

Blackberry handheld devices have a stable position in mobile communication industry and are commonly used in business industry. However, many people receive JVM error 517 which is very annoying in nature.

JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine that helps your device to perform various tasks. Faulty Virtual Memory prevents your device software interaction with the hardware.

This happens due to several reasons. Some of the reasons include problematic applications, inadequate system requirements and so on. This article is well researched to resolve BB error 517.

JVM Error 517

Common Reaction of Users

Normally when an error message appears on screen, users choose to remove the battery and replace it after 15 to 20 seconds. Unfortunately this workout won’t help to resolve JVM error messages.

The only way to solve the error is to update the OS through BB manager on desktop. Before attempting to fix the error, you should have BB manager installed on your system. If you don’t have one, visit the Blackberry website and download the latest release available for BB Manager for Windows.

Commonly used methods to fix JVM error 517:

·         Delete Vendor.xml
·         Reload OS

Delete Vendor.xml

Deleting vendor.xml is the best method to repair JVM error 517. This method has helped many users to repair the error. Before you start fixing the error, make sure you have:

a.       BB Device;
b.      Data Cable (to connect BB with your system);
c.       BB Manager (BB OS software)

Steps to fix the error:

a.       Backup your important data and Wipe the OS.
b.      Open BB manager and go to the following path:
c.       Now open loader.exe in a folder and connect BB to your computer and start the setup process.
d.      This method would help you installing OS in your BB phone.
e.       Restart the device once done.

Reload OS

When you start fixing error 517, the processes involved in the solution removes all third party applications installed on the device. Your phone starts from clean state. You need to reinstall the favorite app once your phone is back and running normal. Follow the instructions given below to fix JVM error 517:

a.       Disconnect your phone from your system.
b.      Open BB app loader application, you can find it under BB Manager file.
c.       Now connect your device with system through USB port. You will see on screen USB PIN: COM change to USB PIN: UNKNOWN.
d.      Press the next button; you need to be very quick with this process.
e.       Now select the options that you want to install (applications, OS) and click Next | Finish.
f.       It would take some time to restore BB to normal
g.      Repeat the process if you could not do that efficiently.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fix Playstation Error 80710D36

This problem appears while connecting to the PS3 Store. Contacting Sony usually doesn’t solve the problem. If you’re experiencing the same issue, follow the guidelines given below:

1. Make New User Account
2. Adjust PlayStation Network Promotion Services
3. Connect to the Store at a Later Time

Playstation Error 80710d36

Make New User Account

Make a new user id, log-in with it, log-off and re-login using the original id. This will resolve PlayStation problem.

1. Make a new user account and log-on with it.
2. You’ll be prompted to select or new or existing account. Select Existing Account option.
3. Go back again and log into your original user account.

Adjust PlayStation Network Promotion Services

PlayStation Network Promotion Service is displayed in the account management settings. Select appropriate content within the service to fix error 80710d36.

1. Log-in to your network account.
2. Select Account Management | Transaction Management.
3. Select Services List | PlayStation Network Promotions.
4. Select any of these options: PSP Free Games or PS3 Free Games.
5. Choose Select Content.

Connect to the Store at a Later Time

The Store server can be busy. It could have multiple requests simultaneously. Server maintenance services may take time. Server maintenance is generally conducted on Sundays. Connect to the Store at a later time say after 5-6 hours.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Battlefield 3 Lag

Battlefield 3 is the sequel of Battlefield first-person shooter video game. This article contains in-depth information on the frequently occurring Battlefield 3 lag problem. Follow all the steps in this article in the order they are given in.

Fix Battlefield 3 Lag


1.      Upgrade your Computer
2.      Enable ports for Battlefield 3
3.      Update drivers and DirectX
4.      Disable VSync
5.      Resolve Windows Registry errors

Upgrade your Computer

Many gamers neglect the compatibility aspect. Firstly you have to make sure that your system is compatible with BF3 requirements. This will help you avoid the lag problem. Upgrade your system specifications  to meet with the below mentioned officially announced system requirements:

Operating system:       Windows Vista 32-bit or Windows 7 64-bit
Processor:                    2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHz
Memory:                         2 GB of RAM
Hard Drive:                    20 GB free space required
Graphic Card:               NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATi Radeon HD 3870 with Pixel Shader 5.0
Sound Card:                 DirectX 10 compliant sound card

Enable ports for Battlefield 3

Many people disable ports for security and privacy purpose. However the game developer recommends enabling the following ports which help to fix the lag problem.

TCP:  80, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127

UDP: 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300


Update Drivers and DirectX

Another significant factor resulting in game lag is outdated Drivers and DirectX. It is essential to have up-to-date drivers in order to maintain smooth communication between game and the system.

Follow the guidelines to do so:

Update Drivers

·         Click the Start button.

·         Go to Search Box and type Device Manager.

·         Select a Device (Video Card, Sound Card, Network Card) and double-click on it.

·         You will see a dialog box on your system screen.

·         Go to Driver Tab and click Update Driver.

·         Follow the on-screen wizard.

·         Redo the update driver process for each device driver.

Update DirectX

You can download DirectX latest version from here to upgrade DirectX.

Disable VSync

Battlefield 3 lag problem can also arise because of Graphics Card virtual synchronization feature. Disable V-sync to resolve this problem.

Disable ATI V-Sync

·         Go to Catalyst Control Center. Double click on it. Tap to Advanced and then Next.

·         Click Graphics and select 3D from drop down menu.

·         You can see a Vertical Refresh bar, drag that bar to the left until it shows Always Off at the bottom.

Disable Nvidia VSync

·         Open Nvidia Control Panel.

·         Tap 3D Settings.

·         Tap Manage 3D Settings.

·         Scroll down to find “Use the 3D Application Settings”. Click it.

·         Find Vertical Sync from list. Select force off

Resolve Windows Registry Errors

Another critical reason which causes BF3 to “lag” is the Windows Registry errors problem. Windows Registry is the central database that stores system activities in its database. It assigns Registry Key to each system function. Chances are that Battlefield 3 registry keys could be corrupt, outdated or damaged. In this case you will experience game lag problem.

You have to resolve Windows Registry errors related to BF3 in order to resolve the game-lagging problem. Find more information about Windows Registry from this source.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tips to Fix Sync Error on Android Device

As the name describes, Sync Error appears due to problems with file synchronization on your Android device. Users fail to sync their files. It causes delay in accomplishing daily tasks. If you’re searching for a solution to this problem, you have come at the right place.

This article is precisely written to help you solve this problem. Follow the steps given in the solutions to fix sync error on android device.


1. Check your network connection is active

2. Restart your device

3. Turn-off Airplane mode

4. Increase internal memory 

5. Delete unnecessary apps

6. Enable Auto-sync 

Check whether your network connection is active

To resolve sync error on Android device ensure whether your network connection is active or not. Try to open a website using your mobile browser. If your browser can load websites, there is perhaps no network issue. If the browser fails to load websites, it is an Internet connection issue. Contact your network service provider for further details and information.

Restart your device

Delayed application response may lead sync error. In this situation, the device suspends certain activities. Restarting the device can resolve this issue. Follow the steps given below to restart your device:

· Press and hold the Power or End call button.

· Choose the Power Off option. Press Power or End call button again to turn on your device.

· After restart, your device will re-sync the server.

Turnoff Airplane mode

The synchronization problem occurs when users turn on Airplane mode. You might have forgotten to turn off this mode. You might also receive the error because of Airplane mode. You need to turn it off to fix above problem. Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:

· Go to Smartphone home screen.

· Hold the Power key for a few seconds.

· You will see a dialog box that shall give you some options.

· Find Airplane Mode option from given options.

· If Airplane Mode is turned on, please disable it.

Increase internal memory

Synchronization problem can occur due to low internal memory. Check memory issues by checking the low memory notifications. Follow the steps given below to check low memory notification:

· Go to your device home screen.

· Tap Home button and then Menu.

· Choose Notifications.

· Check if notifications list shows any low memory notification. If it does, you need to enhance your device’s internal memory to avoid this problem.

Delete unnecessary applications

Applications capture storage space and low storage space causes sync problem. You need to delete all extra/unwanted applications to give enough free space to your device. Follow the guidelines given below to do so:

· Open your Smartphone.

· Navigate to Menu | Settings | Applications | Manage Applications.

· You will have a list of installed apps.

· Find the application you want to uninstall.

· Tap Uninstall.

· Repeat above steps to delete each unwanted app.

Enable Auto-sync

Auto-sync is an option that connects your Smartphone to Android automatically. You need to check whether Auto-sync is enabled or not. If the option is not enabled please enable it. Follow the steps given below to do so:

· Press Home button and then Menu.

· Choose Settings and then Accounts & Sync.

· Check whether Auto-sync checkbox is checked or not.

· If THE checkbox is not checked, please check it up.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bad Pool Header Windows 8

Bad Pool Header / Bad Pool Header Windows 8 / BSOD BAD POOL HEADER is a Blue Screen of Death Error. It appears in a complete blue color screen. This is a serious computer problem which is also regarded as FATAL Error/ STOP Message. Followed by this error your system reboots automatically or the BSOD remains until you manually restart your computer.

This article will guide you how to resolve the above error. Follow the workaround guidelines given below.

Workaround Guidelines:

1. Disconnect External Devices

2. Safe Boot Windows

3. Update Device Drivers

4. Repair Windows Installation

5. Disable Security Software

6. Repair your Registry

Disconnect External Devices

Bad Pool Header Windows 8 / BSOD BAD POOL HEADER appears due to hardware problems. Hardware incompatibility is a common issue. One of your hardware connected to the computer might be incompatible. In other words, it was originally designed for a different kind of system specification.

The best way to troubleshoot this error is to disconnect external devices. Unplug hardware. Check if they have a “Designed for Microsoft Windows <Your Version>” Logo. This logo demonstrates that it supports a particular version of Windows.

Turn your system on. If it doesn’t show that error message again, there was definitely a hardware problem. Only connect those hardware which support your computer.

Safe Boot Windows

Safe Mode is a troubleshooting option provided by Microsoft Windows. It resolves Bad Pool Header Windows 8 by booting system without third party drivers and programs. No Non-Microsoft drivers/ programs are being loaded.

The technique based is on assumption that some Non-Microsoft drivers/ startup programs are not functioning properly. Hence disabling them would make your system work fine.

· Restart computer. Press F8 key randomly.

· You will see Advance Boot Options screen

· Use arrow keys to select Safe Mode option. Press ENTER.

· Click Admin account from the log-in screen. Provide password, if prompted.

Update Device Drivers

You could have outdated device drivers installed. Not having latest drivers installed make your operating system difficult to interact with particular hardware. That is why you receive said error message on a frequent basis. Here’s how to update your device drivers- display, sound and network drivers.

· Click the Start button.

· Type “Device Manager” in Search Box without quotation marks.

· Select every device from the list, and choose Update Driver Software option.

· Follow the simple step-by-step wizard. Reboot your computer when you’re done.

Repair Windows Installation

Perform automatic repair with WinRE. This will fix Bad Pool Header error. Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:

· Inset Windows DVD/CD in your DVD ROM Drive. Reboot your computer.

· Press F2 or Delete key randomly.

· Set your hard disk drive as first boot device; and CD ROM as second boot device. Save the settings and exit.

· Press any key when prompted.

· The setup wizard would load. Click Next | Repair your computer.

· A new screen will appear with troubleshooting options.

· Click Troubleshoot | Advanced Options.

· Choose Repair from Advanced boot options.

· Follow the on-screen wizard.

Disable Security Software

Security software conflicts, say your antivirus/ firewall, cause your computer to show said error message. The security software you’re using might be not functioning properly. Otherwise it might be interfering with your operating system files located in the drive C:\.

The solution is disabling security software. Here’s how:

· Locate your security software icon on the Taskbar Notification Area.

· Right click that icon, select “Disable Protection”. (The procedure can be different as it varies for different security software.)

Repair your Registry

Windows Registry is a fundamental and integral part of your system. The Registry must be in good state in order to avoid serious runtime problems.

Corrupt, outdated or damaged Registry keys raise Bad Pool Header / Bad Pool Header Windows 8 / BSOD BAD POOL HEADER. Follow below mentioned steps to repair your Registry entries:

· Google for some Registry Cleaner software such as PCFresher.

· Download that software.

· Install and run it.

· Scan and clean all Registry errors.

PS3 Freezing Trouble

PS3 freezing is common problem among PlayStation users. The users feel annoyance when their PlayStation hangs or freezes. The common issues that hinder PS3 from running properly are overheating, corrupted software and incompatible hardware.

This tutorial will tell you how to resolve PS3 freezing problem. Follow the solution steps given below to resolve the issue.


1.      Run PS3 in safe mode
2.      Delete all useless stuff
3.      Delete corrupt data
4.      Resolve heating problem
5.      Repair or replace faulty graphic card
6.      Avoid scratched games

Run PS3 in Safe Mode:

PS3 freezing prevents you to perform any function on PlayStation. In this situation you need to run PS3 in Safe Mode.

Follow the instructions given below to run PS3 in Safe Mode.

·         Make sure that PS3 red light is ON and PS3 is in Standby Mode
·         Turn off the main switch and then turn the power ON
·         Hold power button in Standby mode
·         Keep pressing power button | You will hear a beep after five second
·         After ten minutes, you will hear second beep and your console will shut down
·         Release power button and then again hold power button
·         Again you need to remove your finger from power button after you hear double beep
·         At that moment, you are prompted to plug your controller in and to press PS button on the controller.
·         Now you can access Safe Mode menu and its number of options

Delete all Useless Stuff:

Low space in PS3 disk can cause PS3 freezing problem. You need to delete all unnecessary stuff from disk. Giving more free space to PS3 can reduce the chances of freezing and can resolve it completely.

Delete Corrupt Data:

Corrupt data is another reason for PS3 freezing problem. You need to delete all corrupt data to reinstate your game to the previous good condition.

Follow the steps given below to delete corrupt data:

·         Go to XMB | Game | Game Data Utility
·         Now select the data you want to delete
·         Click Triangle and then Delete
·         You are done!

Resolve Heating Problem

One big reason behind PS3 freezing is overheating. You need to check that the device is not overheated. If yes, you are required to clean dust from your device and keep a ventilation source to give air to your device.

Repair or Replace Faulty Graphics Card:

An extensive usage of PlayStation can cause faults in graphics card. This leads to PS3 freezing problem. You need to take care of graphics card, do some wear and tear and if it does not work then replace that faulty graphic card. A new graphic card shall resolve the problem.

Avoid Scratched Games

PS3 freezing problem also occurs because of scratched games. This not only hinders the console to read the surface of the disk properly but also it damages the console. So, avoid scratched games to reduce the chances of PS3 freezing.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Can You Avoid Android Lag? Read Tips You Did not Know

Android lag is a common problem among smartphone users. UI responsiveness is top priority of developers, however, sometimes performing minor tweaks can boost performance of device. This article is complete guide to speed up your Android phone. Follow the steps given in this guide.

Optimize Android for best performance

·         Update Android’s Firmware
·         Reset Phone to Factory
·         Free Up internal Memory
·         Uninstall unwanted apps
·         Select Force GPU Rendering
·         Turn OFF GPS
·         Use Task Killer
·         Disable wanted effects
·         Avoid Live Backgrounds

Update Android’s Firmware

If your Android Phone lags, try updating smartphone firmware to resolve this problem. Follow the steps given below to update firmware.

1.       Search for Over The Air (OTA) update option
2.       Tap Settings | Select About Phone
3.       Tap in Software Update | Select Update

Reset Phone to Factory

Another way to avoid Android lag is to reset phone to factory. Resetting your phone to factory would improve performance of phone. Follow the instructions given below to factory reset your phone.

1.       Open your home screen
2.       Click on Menu button | Select Settings
3.       Click on SD and Phone Storage | Select Factory data reset
4.       Select Reset Phone

Note: It is important for you to back your memos, contacts and all important information before factory resetting.

Free Up Internal Memory

Android lag could be due to low internal memory. To free up your internal memory, follow these methods.

1.       Save your music, pictures and videos to an external drive
2.       If you have mid ranged internal memory, try upgrading it

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Android lags when it has too many unwanted applications. Uninstall all unwanted apps to improve performance of phone. Follow the instructions given below to uninstall unwanted apps.

1.       Tap in Settings menu to launch settings application. Now select the apps to continue the process
2.       Navigating to Manage Applications to remove installed apps
3.       In the sub menu of Manage Applications click on Downloaded
4.       Select the app and click on uninstall

Select Force GPU Rendering

If your device lags on constant intervals, follow these steps for GPU rendering.

1.       Open Notification Bar
2.       Tap Settings Options | Select Developer Option
3.       Click on Force GPU Rendering
4.       Restart your device

It could be reason that GPS uses your processing. Downloading some power controller widget can help in this regard. Follow these instructions to turn off GPS.

1.       Turn ON your Android phone | GOTO Main Screen
2.       Tap Main Menu | Select System Settings
3.       Click on Location Services under Personal | Locate here GPS Satellites and mark the box in the end.
4.       If you are Gingerbread user, unmark this box | Tap agree if you receive warning message
Use Task Killer

Task killer is an application that helps you prevent Android lag. Sometimes applications takes too much time processing your command, in this situation Task Killer would help killing the application that is causing lags.

1.       If you don’t have standard task killer with your phone, GOTO Google Store
2.       Download Zapper Task Killer
3.       Use this app when your phone lags

Disable Unwanted Effects

Android lags when too many special effects are turned on. Disable following unwanted effects

1.       Eye Candy: By disabling eye candy, you would improve performance of phone update 30 %.
2.       Animations: You can locate animations under Settings | Display
smooth transition effects and pop out Window fading out can drain performance, disable these two
3.       Brightness: Turn off automatic brightness feature
4.       Widgets: Limit number of Widgets on your device home screen
5.       Screen Timeout: Try lowering screen timeout, change its settings to 45 seconds
6.       Vibration Feedback: Disable vibration feedback

Avoid Live Backgrounds

Avoid dynamic wallpapers in background to enhance speed of your device. Follow the instructions given below to remove these backgrounds.

1.       On your device’s home screen, tap Menu face
2.       Tap Wallpaper or Wallpaper Gallery
3.       From the options select Static Wallpaper
4.       Tap Set Wallpaper and Save

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crysis 3 DirectX 11 Error

Crysis 3 shows DirectX 11 error when it is launched. Follow the procedures given below:

1. Reinstall DirectX 11
2. Correct Registry Errors
3. Active Selective Startup
4. Change NVIDIA Control Panel Settings
5. Run Registry Scan

Reinstall DirectX 11

Crysis 3 is meant to be run on Microsoft DirectX 11. If you don’t have DirectX or the existing version is corrupted, Crysis 3 DirectX 11 error appears. Reinstall the same to fix your problem.

1. Click Start | Control Panel.
2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
3. Select Microsoft DirectX 11. Click Uninstall/ Remove.
4. Follow the wizard and restart.
5. Download Microsoft DirectX 11 from the Microsoft Download Center. Install it on your machine.

Correct Registry Errors

DirectX 11 settings are located in the Windows Registry. Invalid values in the registry show Crysis 3 DirectX 11 Error. Correct registry errors to repair your problem.

1. Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories. Click Notepad.
2. Type following command-
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
3. Click File | Save As.
4. Save with following properties:
File Name: Fix.reg
File Type: All Files
Path: Desktop
5. Save and close the file.
6. Double click Fix.reg file. A warning would appear. Click Yes button to proceed and merge it in the registry.

Activate Selective Startup

Selective Startup is a type of startup where only selected number of startup programs are loaded. Enabling selective startup would troubleshoot Crysis 3 DirectX 11 error.

1. Click Start | Run.
3. Click OK.
4. System Configuration opens.
5. Click the General tab.
6. Select Select Startup checkbox.
7. Clear all other checkboxes.
8. Click the Services tab.
9. Check-up Hide all Microsoft services box.
10. Disable all services items.
11. Click OK and restart.

Change NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

Change the NVIDIA Control Panel Settings and allow Crysis 3 executable file. Enable high performance NVIDIA processor as well.

1. Right click your desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel.
2. Click Manage 3D Settings.
3. Click Global Settings tab. Set default settings.
4. Click Program Settings tab. Locate and add Crysis 3 executable file to the list.
5. Set Preferred Graphics Processor: NVIDIA High Performance Processor
6. Click OK and close.

Run Registry Scan

Registry issues are very common. Registry error is the most common reason behind Crysis 3 DirectX 11 error. Do full scan and clean-up.

1. Download RegInOut Registry Fix.
2. Start full scan.
3. Fix all problems.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Solution for VPN Error 800

Many people experience a network problem known as VPN Error 800. It is a connection establishment problem. It appears while establishing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). No enough information appears to diagnose your problem.

Error Message

Error 800: “Unable to establish the VPN connection.”

1. Ping the Server
2. Disable Firewall/ Unblock Port 1723
3. Verify the VPN Server Name
4. Make sure that the Server doesn’t have Multiple Clients
5. Repair Registry Configurations
6. Reinstall the VPN Client
7. Uninstall Microsoft OneCare

Ping the Server

Use Command Prompt to run the PING command. This command will help you know whether the information can be sent/ received. Follow these guidelines:

1. Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories.
2. Right click Command Prompt, select Run as Administrator.
3. Type following command-
ping <Server IP Address>

For example: The Server IP Address of is, so I would execute the following command-

4. Press ENTER.
5. Read the output statistics carefully. Consider the %Loss, Sent and Received Packets information. Contact your Internet Service Provider in case the %Loss is higher.

Disable Firewall/ Unblock Port 1723

VPN Error 800 appears if your firewall program blocks Port 1723. Disable the firewall software- either Windows Firewall or third party software- to fix the problem.

Disabling Windows Firewall:

1. Click Start | Control Panel.
2. Click System and Security | Windows Firewall.
3. Click Turn Windows Firewall On or Off link.
4. Turn off your firewall software and apply the changes.

Verify the VPN Server Name

Make sure whether the VPN Server Name entered is correct or not. Incorrect VPN server name can show VPN Error 800.

Make sure that the Server doesn’t have Multiple Clients

The server with whom you’re trying to establish connection could have multiple clients. This of course is not possible from your side. Contact the server administrator team to check this issue.

Repair Registry Configurations

Windows Registry is a complex database that contains PC settings. Some of the registry entries could be corrupt. This lead VPN Error 800.

1. Scan your registry using RegInOut Registry Cleaner.
2. Fix all the problems detected.

Reinstall the VPN Client

Enter the user name and password provided by your VPN Vendor during the setup. Reinstall the VPN Client at your end.

Uninstall Microsoft OneCare

Microsoft OneCare is a security software from Microsoft. Connection conflicts with this software shows VPN Error 800. Uninstall the software to fix your problem.

1. Click Start | Control Panel.
2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
3. Select Microsoft OneCare.
4. Click Uninstall.
5. Follow the wizard and restart your machine.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Repair Windows Installer

Windows installer is used to reinstall, repair or uninstall the applications from Windows operating system. You are unable to install or repair anything is problem with Windows Installer.

Below are outlined few instructions through which you can repair Windows installer.

· Reinstall Windows Installer
· Run System File Checker
· Start Windows Installer Service
· Repair Windows Registry
· Repair Windows
· Remove MSIEXEC with no Extension

Reinstall Windows Installer

Reinstall Windows installer in order to repair Windows installer through steps given below.

1. Open Start | Type Command Prompt in Search Box
2. Right-click on Command Prompt to Run as Administrator
3. On the command prompt, type following commands
ren msi.dll msi.old | Enter
ren msihnd.dll msihnd.old | Enter
4. Now Exit from Command Prompt
5. Download and Install Windows Installer from Microsoft

Run System File Checker

System file checker is built-in utility that scans and repairs system files. Run system file checker in order to repair Windows installer. Follow the instructions given below to run system file checker.

1. Open Start | Type “Run” without quotes in Search box
2. Right-click on Run
3. In Run Window type “sfc /scanNow” without quotes and press Enter
4. Let system file checker scan your system for corrupted files
5. Now install Windows Installer

Start Windows Installer Service

It could be reason that Windows installer service is disabled at background. Before repairing Windows Installer, you need to start this service. Follow the easy steps given below to start Windows Installer service.

1. Open Start | Type “Services” without quotes in Search Box
2. Double-click on Services
3. In the Services Window scroll down to Windows Installer Service
4. Right-click on Windows Installer to select Properties
5. Now click on Startup type “Automatic”
6. Also enable this service, if disabled
7. Close Services and Restart your system

Repair Windows Registry

Windows Registry is essential component of operating system that stores information related to installed programs and hardware configuration. Programs inside Windows won’t work if there is problem in Registry database. You should repair Windows Registry in order to repair Windows Installer. Follow the instructions given below to repair Windows Registry.

1. Download and Install some reliable system utility software such as RegInOut
2. Click on Registry Repair Feature on the main Interface of the software
3. Let utility scan your entire system for Registry Errors | Click on fix Errors
4. Exit from RegInOut Utility

Repair Windows

If repairing Windows Registry could not help you repair Window Installer problem, you need to repair Windows. Follow the steps given below to repair Windows.

1. Get Windows Installation DVD
2. Reset your unit | Select boot your system from DVD drive
3. Now select the Language | Next
4. Now click on Repair Your Computer
5. Select the operating system that you want to repair

Remove MSIEXEC with no Extension

By default there should be only one MSIEXEC.EXE file in system-32 folder. In some cases msiexec file is recreated without an extension and size of the file. You should rename all those extra file before repairing Windows installer. Follow the procedure given below.

1. Open Installation disk
2. GOTO c:\windows\system32
3. Rename all those extra MSIEXEC files with an extension .OLD
4. After renaming these files GOTO Services | Restart Windows Installer

Thursday, February 7, 2013

All about iTunes Error 11

Oftentimes this error occurs when you attempt to update/restore firmware on iOS.  You can fix this problem easily. You either need to change computer host files or restore device using TinyUmbrella.

Resolution Steps

·         Change Computer Hosts File
·         Restore Device Using TinyUmbrella
·         Reinstall iTunes
·         Uninstall using AppZapper

Change Computer Host Files
To fix iTunes error 11, you need to change computer hosts file. Follow the instructions given below to change computer host files.

Windows Users:
For Windows users there is hosts file in Windows directory.

1.      Go to My Computer
2.      Double Click on Installation Disk | Select Windows | Select System 32
3.      Open Drivers | Select Etc
4.      In Etc, locate Hosts file | Right-click on hosts file and open with Notepad
5.      Scroll down and remove following line
6.      Save the file

Mac Users:
If you are using Mac OS, follow these instructions.

1.      Close iTunes after Login your system through Administrator Account
2.      GOTO “/private/ETC” or press Command + Shift and G and Enter “/private/etc | Go
3.      In the Find Box, type “Hosts”
4.      Drag this file to desktop and open file in Editor
5.      Scroll down and remove “”
6.      Save and close
7.      Now drag this file back to original place
8.      Open iTunes without error 11

Restore Device Using TinyUmbrella
iTunes error 11 can also be fixed by restoring device using TinyUmbrella if changing hosts file couldn’t fix the error. Follow these simple steps to restore device using TinyUmbrella.

1.      Open Google and Search for TinyUmbrella
2.      Download TinyUmbrella and Install it
3.      Open TinyUmbrella | Select Advance
4.      Now unmark “Set hosts to Cydia on exit”
5.      Exit from TinyUmbrella | Restore iTunes to default

Reinstall iTunes
It could be reason that iTunes files are corrupted try reinstalling iTunes to resolve iTunes error 11. To uninstall iTunes, follow the instructions given below:

1.      Open Start | GOTO Control Panel | Select Uninstall a Program under Programs
2.      Now select iTunes | Uninstall
3.      Follow onscreen Wizard
4.      Reinstall iTunes
5.      Reboot your machine

Uninstall using AppZapper
Uninstalling program through AppZapper can also fix iTunes error 11. Another way to uninstall program is Pacifist. There would only be prompt on screen for confirmation to replace a file. You just need to select Continue.