Thursday, February 7, 2013

All about iTunes Error 11

Oftentimes this error occurs when you attempt to update/restore firmware on iOS.  You can fix this problem easily. You either need to change computer host files or restore device using TinyUmbrella.

Resolution Steps

·         Change Computer Hosts File
·         Restore Device Using TinyUmbrella
·         Reinstall iTunes
·         Uninstall using AppZapper

Change Computer Host Files
To fix iTunes error 11, you need to change computer hosts file. Follow the instructions given below to change computer host files.

Windows Users:
For Windows users there is hosts file in Windows directory.

1.      Go to My Computer
2.      Double Click on Installation Disk | Select Windows | Select System 32
3.      Open Drivers | Select Etc
4.      In Etc, locate Hosts file | Right-click on hosts file and open with Notepad
5.      Scroll down and remove following line
6.      Save the file

Mac Users:
If you are using Mac OS, follow these instructions.

1.      Close iTunes after Login your system through Administrator Account
2.      GOTO “/private/ETC” or press Command + Shift and G and Enter “/private/etc | Go
3.      In the Find Box, type “Hosts”
4.      Drag this file to desktop and open file in Editor
5.      Scroll down and remove “”
6.      Save and close
7.      Now drag this file back to original place
8.      Open iTunes without error 11

Restore Device Using TinyUmbrella
iTunes error 11 can also be fixed by restoring device using TinyUmbrella if changing hosts file couldn’t fix the error. Follow these simple steps to restore device using TinyUmbrella.

1.      Open Google and Search for TinyUmbrella
2.      Download TinyUmbrella and Install it
3.      Open TinyUmbrella | Select Advance
4.      Now unmark “Set hosts to Cydia on exit”
5.      Exit from TinyUmbrella | Restore iTunes to default

Reinstall iTunes
It could be reason that iTunes files are corrupted try reinstalling iTunes to resolve iTunes error 11. To uninstall iTunes, follow the instructions given below:

1.      Open Start | GOTO Control Panel | Select Uninstall a Program under Programs
2.      Now select iTunes | Uninstall
3.      Follow onscreen Wizard
4.      Reinstall iTunes
5.      Reboot your machine

Uninstall using AppZapper
Uninstalling program through AppZapper can also fix iTunes error 11. Another way to uninstall program is Pacifist. There would only be prompt on screen for confirmation to replace a file. You just need to select Continue.

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