Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Repair Windows Installer

Windows installer is used to reinstall, repair or uninstall the applications from Windows operating system. You are unable to install or repair anything is problem with Windows Installer.

Below are outlined few instructions through which you can repair Windows installer.

· Reinstall Windows Installer
· Run System File Checker
· Start Windows Installer Service
· Repair Windows Registry
· Repair Windows
· Remove MSIEXEC with no Extension

Reinstall Windows Installer

Reinstall Windows installer in order to repair Windows installer through steps given below.

1. Open Start | Type Command Prompt in Search Box
2. Right-click on Command Prompt to Run as Administrator
3. On the command prompt, type following commands
ren msi.dll msi.old | Enter
ren msihnd.dll msihnd.old | Enter
4. Now Exit from Command Prompt
5. Download and Install Windows Installer from Microsoft

Run System File Checker

System file checker is built-in utility that scans and repairs system files. Run system file checker in order to repair Windows installer. Follow the instructions given below to run system file checker.

1. Open Start | Type “Run” without quotes in Search box
2. Right-click on Run
3. In Run Window type “sfc /scanNow” without quotes and press Enter
4. Let system file checker scan your system for corrupted files
5. Now install Windows Installer

Start Windows Installer Service

It could be reason that Windows installer service is disabled at background. Before repairing Windows Installer, you need to start this service. Follow the easy steps given below to start Windows Installer service.

1. Open Start | Type “Services” without quotes in Search Box
2. Double-click on Services
3. In the Services Window scroll down to Windows Installer Service
4. Right-click on Windows Installer to select Properties
5. Now click on Startup type “Automatic”
6. Also enable this service, if disabled
7. Close Services and Restart your system

Repair Windows Registry

Windows Registry is essential component of operating system that stores information related to installed programs and hardware configuration. Programs inside Windows won’t work if there is problem in Registry database. You should repair Windows Registry in order to repair Windows Installer. Follow the instructions given below to repair Windows Registry.

1. Download and Install some reliable system utility software such as RegInOut
2. Click on Registry Repair Feature on the main Interface of the software
3. Let utility scan your entire system for Registry Errors | Click on fix Errors
4. Exit from RegInOut Utility

Repair Windows

If repairing Windows Registry could not help you repair Window Installer problem, you need to repair Windows. Follow the steps given below to repair Windows.

1. Get Windows Installation DVD
2. Reset your unit | Select boot your system from DVD drive
3. Now select the Language | Next
4. Now click on Repair Your Computer
5. Select the operating system that you want to repair

Remove MSIEXEC with no Extension

By default there should be only one MSIEXEC.EXE file in system-32 folder. In some cases msiexec file is recreated without an extension and size of the file. You should rename all those extra file before repairing Windows installer. Follow the procedure given below.

1. Open Installation disk
2. GOTO c:\windows\system32
3. Rename all those extra MSIEXEC files with an extension .OLD
4. After renaming these files GOTO Services | Restart Windows Installer

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