Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Can You Avoid Android Lag? Read Tips You Did not Know

Android lag is a common problem among smartphone users. UI responsiveness is top priority of developers, however, sometimes performing minor tweaks can boost performance of device. This article is complete guide to speed up your Android phone. Follow the steps given in this guide.

Optimize Android for best performance

·         Update Android’s Firmware
·         Reset Phone to Factory
·         Free Up internal Memory
·         Uninstall unwanted apps
·         Select Force GPU Rendering
·         Turn OFF GPS
·         Use Task Killer
·         Disable wanted effects
·         Avoid Live Backgrounds

Update Android’s Firmware

If your Android Phone lags, try updating smartphone firmware to resolve this problem. Follow the steps given below to update firmware.

1.       Search for Over The Air (OTA) update option
2.       Tap Settings | Select About Phone
3.       Tap in Software Update | Select Update

Reset Phone to Factory

Another way to avoid Android lag is to reset phone to factory. Resetting your phone to factory would improve performance of phone. Follow the instructions given below to factory reset your phone.

1.       Open your home screen
2.       Click on Menu button | Select Settings
3.       Click on SD and Phone Storage | Select Factory data reset
4.       Select Reset Phone

Note: It is important for you to back your memos, contacts and all important information before factory resetting.

Free Up Internal Memory

Android lag could be due to low internal memory. To free up your internal memory, follow these methods.

1.       Save your music, pictures and videos to an external drive
2.       If you have mid ranged internal memory, try upgrading it

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Android lags when it has too many unwanted applications. Uninstall all unwanted apps to improve performance of phone. Follow the instructions given below to uninstall unwanted apps.

1.       Tap in Settings menu to launch settings application. Now select the apps to continue the process
2.       Navigating to Manage Applications to remove installed apps
3.       In the sub menu of Manage Applications click on Downloaded
4.       Select the app and click on uninstall

Select Force GPU Rendering

If your device lags on constant intervals, follow these steps for GPU rendering.

1.       Open Notification Bar
2.       Tap Settings Options | Select Developer Option
3.       Click on Force GPU Rendering
4.       Restart your device

It could be reason that GPS uses your processing. Downloading some power controller widget can help in this regard. Follow these instructions to turn off GPS.

1.       Turn ON your Android phone | GOTO Main Screen
2.       Tap Main Menu | Select System Settings
3.       Click on Location Services under Personal | Locate here GPS Satellites and mark the box in the end.
4.       If you are Gingerbread user, unmark this box | Tap agree if you receive warning message
Use Task Killer

Task killer is an application that helps you prevent Android lag. Sometimes applications takes too much time processing your command, in this situation Task Killer would help killing the application that is causing lags.

1.       If you don’t have standard task killer with your phone, GOTO Google Store
2.       Download Zapper Task Killer
3.       Use this app when your phone lags

Disable Unwanted Effects

Android lags when too many special effects are turned on. Disable following unwanted effects

1.       Eye Candy: By disabling eye candy, you would improve performance of phone update 30 %.
2.       Animations: You can locate animations under Settings | Display
smooth transition effects and pop out Window fading out can drain performance, disable these two
3.       Brightness: Turn off automatic brightness feature
4.       Widgets: Limit number of Widgets on your device home screen
5.       Screen Timeout: Try lowering screen timeout, change its settings to 45 seconds
6.       Vibration Feedback: Disable vibration feedback

Avoid Live Backgrounds

Avoid dynamic wallpapers in background to enhance speed of your device. Follow the instructions given below to remove these backgrounds.

1.       On your device’s home screen, tap Menu face
2.       Tap Wallpaper or Wallpaper Gallery
3.       From the options select Static Wallpaper
4.       Tap Set Wallpaper and Save

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