Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bad Pool Header Windows 8

Bad Pool Header / Bad Pool Header Windows 8 / BSOD BAD POOL HEADER is a Blue Screen of Death Error. It appears in a complete blue color screen. This is a serious computer problem which is also regarded as FATAL Error/ STOP Message. Followed by this error your system reboots automatically or the BSOD remains until you manually restart your computer.

This article will guide you how to resolve the above error. Follow the workaround guidelines given below.

Workaround Guidelines:

1. Disconnect External Devices

2. Safe Boot Windows

3. Update Device Drivers

4. Repair Windows Installation

5. Disable Security Software

6. Repair your Registry

Disconnect External Devices

Bad Pool Header Windows 8 / BSOD BAD POOL HEADER appears due to hardware problems. Hardware incompatibility is a common issue. One of your hardware connected to the computer might be incompatible. In other words, it was originally designed for a different kind of system specification.

The best way to troubleshoot this error is to disconnect external devices. Unplug hardware. Check if they have a “Designed for Microsoft Windows <Your Version>” Logo. This logo demonstrates that it supports a particular version of Windows.

Turn your system on. If it doesn’t show that error message again, there was definitely a hardware problem. Only connect those hardware which support your computer.

Safe Boot Windows

Safe Mode is a troubleshooting option provided by Microsoft Windows. It resolves Bad Pool Header Windows 8 by booting system without third party drivers and programs. No Non-Microsoft drivers/ programs are being loaded.

The technique based is on assumption that some Non-Microsoft drivers/ startup programs are not functioning properly. Hence disabling them would make your system work fine.

· Restart computer. Press F8 key randomly.

· You will see Advance Boot Options screen

· Use arrow keys to select Safe Mode option. Press ENTER.

· Click Admin account from the log-in screen. Provide password, if prompted.

Update Device Drivers

You could have outdated device drivers installed. Not having latest drivers installed make your operating system difficult to interact with particular hardware. That is why you receive said error message on a frequent basis. Here’s how to update your device drivers- display, sound and network drivers.

· Click the Start button.

· Type “Device Manager” in Search Box without quotation marks.

· Select every device from the list, and choose Update Driver Software option.

· Follow the simple step-by-step wizard. Reboot your computer when you’re done.

Repair Windows Installation

Perform automatic repair with WinRE. This will fix Bad Pool Header error. Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:

· Inset Windows DVD/CD in your DVD ROM Drive. Reboot your computer.

· Press F2 or Delete key randomly.

· Set your hard disk drive as first boot device; and CD ROM as second boot device. Save the settings and exit.

· Press any key when prompted.

· The setup wizard would load. Click Next | Repair your computer.

· A new screen will appear with troubleshooting options.

· Click Troubleshoot | Advanced Options.

· Choose Repair from Advanced boot options.

· Follow the on-screen wizard.

Disable Security Software

Security software conflicts, say your antivirus/ firewall, cause your computer to show said error message. The security software you’re using might be not functioning properly. Otherwise it might be interfering with your operating system files located in the drive C:\.

The solution is disabling security software. Here’s how:

· Locate your security software icon on the Taskbar Notification Area.

· Right click that icon, select “Disable Protection”. (The procedure can be different as it varies for different security software.)

Repair your Registry

Windows Registry is a fundamental and integral part of your system. The Registry must be in good state in order to avoid serious runtime problems.

Corrupt, outdated or damaged Registry keys raise Bad Pool Header / Bad Pool Header Windows 8 / BSOD BAD POOL HEADER. Follow below mentioned steps to repair your Registry entries:

· Google for some Registry Cleaner software such as PCFresher.

· Download that software.

· Install and run it.

· Scan and clean all Registry errors.

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