Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PS3 Freezing Trouble

PS3 freezing is common problem among PlayStation users. The users feel annoyance when their PlayStation hangs or freezes. The common issues that hinder PS3 from running properly are overheating, corrupted software and incompatible hardware.

This tutorial will tell you how to resolve PS3 freezing problem. Follow the solution steps given below to resolve the issue.


1.      Run PS3 in safe mode
2.      Delete all useless stuff
3.      Delete corrupt data
4.      Resolve heating problem
5.      Repair or replace faulty graphic card
6.      Avoid scratched games

Run PS3 in Safe Mode:

PS3 freezing prevents you to perform any function on PlayStation. In this situation you need to run PS3 in Safe Mode.

Follow the instructions given below to run PS3 in Safe Mode.

·         Make sure that PS3 red light is ON and PS3 is in Standby Mode
·         Turn off the main switch and then turn the power ON
·         Hold power button in Standby mode
·         Keep pressing power button | You will hear a beep after five second
·         After ten minutes, you will hear second beep and your console will shut down
·         Release power button and then again hold power button
·         Again you need to remove your finger from power button after you hear double beep
·         At that moment, you are prompted to plug your controller in and to press PS button on the controller.
·         Now you can access Safe Mode menu and its number of options

Delete all Useless Stuff:

Low space in PS3 disk can cause PS3 freezing problem. You need to delete all unnecessary stuff from disk. Giving more free space to PS3 can reduce the chances of freezing and can resolve it completely.

Delete Corrupt Data:

Corrupt data is another reason for PS3 freezing problem. You need to delete all corrupt data to reinstate your game to the previous good condition.

Follow the steps given below to delete corrupt data:

·         Go to XMB | Game | Game Data Utility
·         Now select the data you want to delete
·         Click Triangle and then Delete
·         You are done!

Resolve Heating Problem

One big reason behind PS3 freezing is overheating. You need to check that the device is not overheated. If yes, you are required to clean dust from your device and keep a ventilation source to give air to your device.

Repair or Replace Faulty Graphics Card:

An extensive usage of PlayStation can cause faults in graphics card. This leads to PS3 freezing problem. You need to take care of graphics card, do some wear and tear and if it does not work then replace that faulty graphic card. A new graphic card shall resolve the problem.

Avoid Scratched Games

PS3 freezing problem also occurs because of scratched games. This not only hinders the console to read the surface of the disk properly but also it damages the console. So, avoid scratched games to reduce the chances of PS3 freezing.

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