Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tips to Fix Sync Error on Android Device

As the name describes, Sync Error appears due to problems with file synchronization on your Android device. Users fail to sync their files. It causes delay in accomplishing daily tasks. If you’re searching for a solution to this problem, you have come at the right place.

This article is precisely written to help you solve this problem. Follow the steps given in the solutions to fix sync error on android device.


1. Check your network connection is active

2. Restart your device

3. Turn-off Airplane mode

4. Increase internal memory 

5. Delete unnecessary apps

6. Enable Auto-sync 

Check whether your network connection is active

To resolve sync error on Android device ensure whether your network connection is active or not. Try to open a website using your mobile browser. If your browser can load websites, there is perhaps no network issue. If the browser fails to load websites, it is an Internet connection issue. Contact your network service provider for further details and information.

Restart your device

Delayed application response may lead sync error. In this situation, the device suspends certain activities. Restarting the device can resolve this issue. Follow the steps given below to restart your device:

· Press and hold the Power or End call button.

· Choose the Power Off option. Press Power or End call button again to turn on your device.

· After restart, your device will re-sync the server.

Turnoff Airplane mode

The synchronization problem occurs when users turn on Airplane mode. You might have forgotten to turn off this mode. You might also receive the error because of Airplane mode. You need to turn it off to fix above problem. Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:

· Go to Smartphone home screen.

· Hold the Power key for a few seconds.

· You will see a dialog box that shall give you some options.

· Find Airplane Mode option from given options.

· If Airplane Mode is turned on, please disable it.

Increase internal memory

Synchronization problem can occur due to low internal memory. Check memory issues by checking the low memory notifications. Follow the steps given below to check low memory notification:

· Go to your device home screen.

· Tap Home button and then Menu.

· Choose Notifications.

· Check if notifications list shows any low memory notification. If it does, you need to enhance your device’s internal memory to avoid this problem.

Delete unnecessary applications

Applications capture storage space and low storage space causes sync problem. You need to delete all extra/unwanted applications to give enough free space to your device. Follow the guidelines given below to do so:

· Open your Smartphone.

· Navigate to Menu | Settings | Applications | Manage Applications.

· You will have a list of installed apps.

· Find the application you want to uninstall.

· Tap Uninstall.

· Repeat above steps to delete each unwanted app.

Enable Auto-sync

Auto-sync is an option that connects your Smartphone to Android automatically. You need to check whether Auto-sync is enabled or not. If the option is not enabled please enable it. Follow the steps given below to do so:

· Press Home button and then Menu.

· Choose Settings and then Accounts & Sync.

· Check whether Auto-sync checkbox is checked or not.

· If THE checkbox is not checked, please check it up.

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