Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fix Playstation Error 80710D36

This problem appears while connecting to the PS3 Store. Contacting Sony usually doesn’t solve the problem. If you’re experiencing the same issue, follow the guidelines given below:

1. Make New User Account
2. Adjust PlayStation Network Promotion Services
3. Connect to the Store at a Later Time

Playstation Error 80710d36

Make New User Account

Make a new user id, log-in with it, log-off and re-login using the original id. This will resolve PlayStation problem.

1. Make a new user account and log-on with it.
2. You’ll be prompted to select or new or existing account. Select Existing Account option.
3. Go back again and log into your original user account.

Adjust PlayStation Network Promotion Services

PlayStation Network Promotion Service is displayed in the account management settings. Select appropriate content within the service to fix error 80710d36.

1. Log-in to your network account.
2. Select Account Management | Transaction Management.
3. Select Services List | PlayStation Network Promotions.
4. Select any of these options: PSP Free Games or PS3 Free Games.
5. Choose Select Content.

Connect to the Store at a Later Time

The Store server can be busy. It could have multiple requests simultaneously. Server maintenance services may take time. Server maintenance is generally conducted on Sundays. Connect to the Store at a later time say after 5-6 hours.

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