Wednesday, June 19, 2013

JVM Error 517 Blackberry

Blackberry handheld devices have a stable position in mobile communication industry and are commonly used in business industry. However, many people receive JVM error 517 which is very annoying in nature.

JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine that helps your device to perform various tasks. Faulty Virtual Memory prevents your device software interaction with the hardware.

This happens due to several reasons. Some of the reasons include problematic applications, inadequate system requirements and so on. This article is well researched to resolve BB error 517.

JVM Error 517

Common Reaction of Users

Normally when an error message appears on screen, users choose to remove the battery and replace it after 15 to 20 seconds. Unfortunately this workout won’t help to resolve JVM error messages.

The only way to solve the error is to update the OS through BB manager on desktop. Before attempting to fix the error, you should have BB manager installed on your system. If you don’t have one, visit the Blackberry website and download the latest release available for BB Manager for Windows.

Commonly used methods to fix JVM error 517:

·         Delete Vendor.xml
·         Reload OS

Delete Vendor.xml

Deleting vendor.xml is the best method to repair JVM error 517. This method has helped many users to repair the error. Before you start fixing the error, make sure you have:

a.       BB Device;
b.      Data Cable (to connect BB with your system);
c.       BB Manager (BB OS software)

Steps to fix the error:

a.       Backup your important data and Wipe the OS.
b.      Open BB manager and go to the following path:
c.       Now open loader.exe in a folder and connect BB to your computer and start the setup process.
d.      This method would help you installing OS in your BB phone.
e.       Restart the device once done.

Reload OS

When you start fixing error 517, the processes involved in the solution removes all third party applications installed on the device. Your phone starts from clean state. You need to reinstall the favorite app once your phone is back and running normal. Follow the instructions given below to fix JVM error 517:

a.       Disconnect your phone from your system.
b.      Open BB app loader application, you can find it under BB Manager file.
c.       Now connect your device with system through USB port. You will see on screen USB PIN: COM change to USB PIN: UNKNOWN.
d.      Press the next button; you need to be very quick with this process.
e.       Now select the options that you want to install (applications, OS) and click Next | Finish.
f.       It would take some time to restore BB to normal
g.      Repeat the process if you could not do that efficiently.

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